[man among men]

  Praised for their “...excellent production, sonic guitars, powerful vocals, strong and powerful sound” (House of Music, London FM Digital, UK),        [man among men] is an underground, alternative indie artist, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, that's style specializes in fusing classic genres as rock, metal, pop, funk, psychedelic, rap metal, nu-metal & arena rock music traits 
 with newer, modern, growing genre styles as melodic metalcore, 
trancecore, orgcore, permanent wave, 
all into one awe inspiring original package never heard before.           

Known for their powerful musicality, badass sound, and moving artistry, they're grateful to have had their music played internationally on radio stations and to have garnered a steadily growing fanbase from all across the planet. If you'd like to keep up with [man among men] on their rise to the top then see all their links below as well as you can also support [man among men]'s journey by checking out their merch store and Bandcamp. Music is available for streaming on all platforms, and direct links can be found below. For business and press inquiries please reach out at manamongmentheband@gmail.com 

salute to all those contributors, supporters, gear junkiez & friends

without you all this wouldn't be able to manifest, thank you for your help

Anders Thidell True Temperament Necks  

 Ola Melzig of True Temperament Necks and Fretting Systems

Billy O'Reilly of B & D Guitar Repair Phoenix Arizona's Pro Repair Shop! 

Lowell Hunt of Hunt Amplification | Guitar Amp Repair | Phoenix, Arizona 

Tony Krank - for Hot rodding my Krankenstein Jr. (Krank, Stiff, Revolution) amplifiers & vintage pedal services 

Joshua ''Zenitram'' Martinez 


Shows On Hold till further notice...

to be announced...

The COVID-19 virus has impacted the creative community around the world. Show support for your favorite creators. Support [man among men] 

& deep bows to all those inspirations 

GOZ, Bionic Jive, Mind's Eye Digital Recording Studio's, Anthony 'Stony' T McLain, Ayva, Jason Becker, Greg Howe, Pantera, Marty Friedman, Megadeth, Brian Lesko, Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Kenny Bulka, Mourning Grey, Mark Simpson, Flotsam & Jetsam, Clancy McCarthy, oil, Charles Kirk Harper, John Ressel, Sneaker Pimps, Gwen Stefani, Deftones, Slim Golba, The Overtones, Queensryche, Brian Hall, Rage Against the Machine, John Kiefer/David Wesley/SSR/Sacred Steel, Tangerine Dream, Dream Theater, Bobby Caldwell, Limp Bizkit, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine, Todd Minnix, Fred Green, Korn, Smashing Pumpkins, Queen, Supertramp, Seal, Sade', and a ton more we'll remember as we go, :D 


cf.manamongmen - Guitar 🎸 1 this from *Supernaturale*, our Interlude piece on our upcoming EP teaser, to a scratch track off a cellphone in the background. An Interlude on our upcoming EP, The Experiencing Process of Rediscovery @ A432HZ using True Temperament Necks Jan 16, 2021 Cf. song will be a Tribute to Jason Becker, my favorite shred guitar player & the player whose playing changed my life forever... © (™) 2021 

all proceeds of ARH will go to Jason Becker Fundraiser via~works/compilation:Interlude/Supernaturale

 [ man among men ]

 © Copyright Trademark (™) 2021

[man among men]

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 Things we'd love to know also when you email Us!

                                                           How did any of our songs make you feel?                                                                  Does any song make you aware of something you did not know before? 

   What is it?

          Are there any surprises in the song? Like what?

      What is/are the most important word(s) in the song? And Why?

   How do you feel any song of ours connects with your generation?

    How do you connect with any one song or all the songs

     How does the music fit the lyrics to the song(s)?


OUR [man among men] Fam!

[man among men] an Underground, Indie, Alternative Rock Band... fusing Hard Rock, Funk, Progressive & Psychedelic undertones to Arena Rock traits w/diverse catchy tempo changes, melodies, harmonies, & passages with Solfège

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